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There is always one game in a successful franchise which is the main reason behind the success of it. In the case of First Touch Soccer 15, it is most definitely First Touch Soccer 2015 or FTS 15. Even though many players have moved on to the latest editions of the franchise, there are still a huge fan base which consider FTS 15 being the best ever. Well, we will discuss why when we move on to the features and game modes review. For now, let us just introduce you to it.

First Touch Soccer 2016, known famously as FTS 15 is a football simulation game developed by X2 and First Touch Games and published by First Touch for the android and IOS operating systems. The game is considered as one of the games which brought revolution in football simulation games on a smaller platform such as mobile.

Whether we talk about the gameplay of FTS 15, its graphics, modes, or let them be the controls, everything about this game was so perfect that developers had to delay the release of later games so that they would be good enough to attract the users. Yes, the release of games such as FTS 16 and 17 had to be delayed. In order to play it, download the free FTS 15 APK right now from our website and begin your career in this huge football simulation game.

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FTS 15 Features and Game Modes:

What makes a game great are always its game modes which if they are in abundance, make gamers addicted to a particular title. The same is so true about FTS 15. It brought features such as the career mode, almost every important league that is being played in the world, creating your club, and everything which a football fan would ask of. All of this was presented in such a realistic way including the gameplay and graphics that even players who were addicts of playing on bigger platforms had to turn their sides for a while. No wonder why the release of other major titles in the franchise had to be delayed a while. Let us now quickly tell you some of the top features of the game.

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  • The game presented players an environment of realistic graphics and gameplay.
  • This realistic experience brought a real feel of the game on mobile.
  • All the major leagues such as English Premier League, Spanish, Italian, and French Leagues are present in the game.
  • The major club names such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and others are features for you to play.
  • A bigger career, league, and other competitive modes for you to compete in.

The best graphics technology to the date was used in the making so that a real feel could be brought in terms of graphics and visuals. Controls are smoother and when you have mastered them, you pass, dribble, and shoot like a pro.

I guess this was reviewed enough so that you can open yourself to this wonderful football simulation game on your android. For latest updates and news from the world of FTS, keep visiting our website.

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