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There is no doubt game like FTS 15 would forever remain in the heart of First Touch Soccer fans but the newer versions are always released to add new things to the game. This game in the franchise may not have the same spark as did FTS 15, still it brought features which were really necessary and much needed for the players such as new uprising leagues in football, new teams and other new stuff. If you want to move on to this newer version of the game, you can download the free FTS 16 APK right now from our website and enjoy all the new features.

First Touch Soccer 2016 A.K.A FTS 16 is a free football simulation game developed and published by First Touch Games for the android operating system. The previous games were available for IOS as well but later, they stopped releasing it on Apple’s operating system. After the release of FTS 15, there has been a long pause and after a long wait of the users, it finally came out.

Fans really awaited this game because they desperately new leagues and teams being added to the FTS franchise. Few fans could use the mods that were being released and update their games but it was not something for the fans who are always looking for the legit updates. Let us now move on to our quick review on the features of this game.

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FTS 16 Features and Game Modes.

If we just keep going in detail, one article won’t be enough. Let us just have a quick review on these modes.

New Leagues.

It is quite evident for a football game that major leagues like English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and American MLS are always part of the football games. However, in this edition, some uprising leagues such as Dutch, Scottish, Turkish, and few others have been added so that the fans can now have even bigger football experience.

Online Features.

When you can play online, things go way too amazing because while you compete against the world, the challenging environment makes a game even more addicting. You can compete in the online tournaments, buy and sell players in the transfer market, you can play online league, challenge friends with the team if you have created, buy stuff online, get updates and hence everything is there for you.


We have seen a huge upgrade in the graphics of the game since new graphics technologies are being used and now the game gives you a whole new feel. Using high resolution textures, beautiful visuals, and realistic faces, the game is something which you don’t want to stop playing.

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The basic controls in the game are the same just like the previous games. You can use analog on the screen for moving the players and then buttons such as A, B, and C for shooting, passing and crossing the ball. When you have a better phone, the experience become even smoother.

That is all right now from our review on FTS 16. Download the free FTS 16 APK right now from our website and stay tuned for more.

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