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There had been a long pause after the great success of First Touch Soccer 2015 and users waited a long time before another addition to the franchise was made and this time it was FTS 17. This title even made the franchise better since the things which the players felt were lacking in the previous additions, have now been added. Well, we will be discussing these details later in this article but first let us introduce you to this big franchise of football on mobile platform.

First Touch Soccer 2017 or FTS 17 is a football simulation game developed and published by First Touch and X2 games for the android operating systems. Till this date, this is one of the biggest football games which were ever developed for the platform. The game rose to great success in the mobile gaming communities and was greatly acclaimed by critics. The franchise has a Meta Critic score of 90% which is quite hard to earn unless you produce something which is really praiseworthy. As we have mentioned before that this game came after a long pause after the release of FTS 15. After that FTS 16 got released and then came FTS 17 which broke all records.

There is no doubt that FTS 15 is still a fan favorite but for the fans who really wanted much improvement with the game mechanics, they are the ones who are seen appreciating the game. Well, we will be discussing all that when we will give you a detailed review of the features and game modes of the game. At the end of this article, you can download the free FTS 17 APK from our website or you can also download FTS 17 Mod APK for a different experience.

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FTS 17 Features and Game Modes Review:

While we talk about the basic features of the game like the presence of different leagues, favorite clubs of the fans, and stuff that is required in the game, you don’t just get the old but also there has been a massive addition. Besides the presence of leagues such as English Premier League, French LIGUE 1, Italian SERIE A, German BUNDES LIGA, and other famous leagues of the world, new leagues have also been added which are mostly the underrated football leagues in the world. These leagues include the Dutch league, Turkish, Scottish, and the MLS who are slowly rising to fame. Since many favorite players of the fans have moved to clubs in these leagues, they want them desperately be a part of setup as big as FTS 17.

While the new leagues have been added to FTS 17, massive advances were made in terms of team and management stuff as well. As a manager, you can do things what are required of a manager in real football. You can sell and buy players in the transfers by spending coins which you earn by winning trophies and matches. You can buy stuff such as stadiums, shoes, kits, and a lot more for the improvement of your club. You can compete in the competitive leagues and different tournaments and this is not all about this game.

Well, this is not all yet about the features. You can now play online with friends or make other rivals all across the world and brace yourselves in the environment which is much more competitive than previous games in the franchise and many other games on the mobile platform. Whether you want to play friendly or want to compete in the tournaments, they are all available online.

FTS 17 Mod APK and Features:

FTS 17 mod is something which makes the experience quite easier. Even though most players want to go the hard way and make their own club. They want to win matches and tournaments in order to win more and more coins and make stuff for their clubs. On the other hand, there are people who want to go the easy way and use stuff such as mods for the games so that they can earn a lot of coins, get new stuff such as kits, shoes, stadiums, and amazing players without doing much of the hard work.

For such players, we have got this latest FTS 17 mod APK so that they can install latest mods in their game and make it some easy fun. Listed below are some of the top features which you are going to enjoy with the mod.

  • You get unlimited coins so that you don’t have to earn them and buy all the stuff you want.
  • New shoes, kits, stadiums, and rosters have been added to the game.
  • A beautiful background has been added to enhance the beauty of the game.
  • New music has been added to the game.
  • New players and transfers are updated with the latest squads.

FTS 17 Controls and Gameplay:

All of us who have played previous games in the franchise, we know how good First Touch Games are at bringing us the realistic gameplay. The movement on the pitch of the have been made realistic and smooth inspired from the real world. New mechanism have been used so that you can pass, dribble, shoot, and defend in a better and realistic way.

As for the controls, they have been designed as smoothly as the developers could do for the game. You can control the movement of the player by direction analog on the screen and if you have a good quality screen, the experience would be enormously better. The controls for shooting, passing, and crosses are given on the screen and you need to have good command over them for better gameplay experience.

The graphics are also improved in the game and the developers put a lot of work on the faces of some famous players. The pitch has been made realistic with added textures and visuals that are really impressive. Music added to the game is really melodious and is from some of the top music producers in the world.

So this is all from our review on this massive football simulation game, FTS 17. To get yourself updated with the latest news and upgrades in the game, keep visiting our website again.

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So this was our review of fts 17. Hope that you would have like if. To give your feedback or if you wanna add something to it, use the comment section below.

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