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The First Touch Soccer football simulation game franchise is the reason why we know the name of First Touch Games. There are so many successful titles such as FTS 15 and FTS 14 in this franchise. Now, after having some hard times where even FTS 16 took so long to release, we finally have a game titled FTS 18 which is just another and valid proof of the excellence of this franchise. If you already want to download the FTS 18 APK, jump straight to the end of this FTS 18 review and you will get the file.

If you would want to get and play this game right now, we have included a free FTS 18 APK at the end of our website. All you will need to do is to click the free download button given at the end of the article and you will get the external installation file for your phone. If you have do not have the prior experience of installing an app with an external APK file, we have listed the step in the guide as well. You are not just going to get the FTS 18 APK file, but we are also going to tell you the features and gameplay review of this game. So let us proceed to that now.

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FTS 18 Features and Gameplay Review:

The fans of First Touch Soccer had grown quite used to the conventional gameplay coming in the previous FTS games. There were only little changes every year, and that is why a real transformation with even more realistic mechanics was needed. Maybe that stood as the primary reason why First Touch Soccer franchise came up with First Touch Soccer 2018. When you are someone who has a rather attacking style of thinking when it comes to the football, you would want the mechanics to be supportive for dribbling and shooting. While shooting was really impressive in the previous game, it has been upgraded to much more realistic mechanics and that is why First Touch Soccer 2018 is like a blessing.

Also, since I also mentioned dribbling in the enhanced mechanics which were upgraded for this game, you are certainly going to love that. Now when it comes to this gameplay features, the things get really serious. You wouldn’t believe your eyes when your attacking player will be dribbling the ball like Leo Messi on the pitch. This is certainly very exciting. However, this still needs a lot of improvements and except for some famous players, the dribbling style is quite the same for every player. It might be possible in the future when they finally get on to that and improve that even more in an upcoming game like FTS 19.

With this game, they have entirely changed the face of it. Based on the real gameplay mechanics like those of FIFA and PES on the bigger platforms, they have developed a gameplay style where you feel like enjoying a football on the mentioned consoles. For those who like to play forward, new dribbling mechanics have been added with which you can now have better control of the ball while running and dodging the defenders. Also, when you are dribbling the ball, there are some quick shortcuts in the control which allow you to dodge the defenders even faster. Since the touchscreen controls are not as enhanced as a play station controller, these special features are designed to improve the controls.

The developers also took care of the defense and produced even better defensive mechanics than the previous game. Now, these are much more difficult as well where you will need to do more than just holding down the ‘B’ button to tackle a player. The animations are much more realistic where it feels like the real people in the crowd are chanting for your team. If you can time your tackles better, even the best of the squads would be able to score nothing against you. You can also master these moves in the training ground which is given in the game. For the first time, the training mode is set with the free training and drills

On the other hand, there are also some significant improvements in the career and manager mode. New transfer options have been added. Unlike the previous games, the players are much cheaper now, and while building your club and academy, there are even better options.

Now for our review, only the controls are remaining. Well, they are much smoother and better than before. However, new options are added for the defense, and it will take some time to master these new tactics.

Features Of FTS 18 APK:

Listed below are some of the highlighted features of this new FTS 18:

  • The game has some significant improvements regarding gameplay mechanics which make it much more realistic.
  • New upgrades are added, and you can buy players at much lower prices.
  • There is much more for you to do as a manager of your team.
  • The graphics look pretty fantastic and there are hardly any glitches on better hardware.
  • The dribbling of the attacking players is much realistic and better than games which came before for this franchise.
  • Also, when you are attacking there are some quick shortcuts to do the moves even faster.
  • To tackle the advanced attacking, there are a lot of improvements in the defending part as well.

How to Install FTS 18 APK?

  • Get the free FTS 18 APK right now from our website.
  • Now, go to the security settings of your phone and enable ‘unknown source‘ option in the settings.
  • Once you are done with that, you will be able to install the game with this APK file.
  • You are done!

Download FTS 18 APK

You can Download First Soccer 18 apk for free via the download button below.

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Download FTS 18 MOD APK

You can download the latest modded version of first touch soccer 18 below.

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So, what are you waiting for FTS fans? Don’t hold on anymore and get the free FTS 18 APK right now from our website. Keep visiting our site to get First Touch Soccer games.

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